Koketso Marishane is a notable scholar activist in the field of Education, Arts & Culture, Technology and Innovation (AETIC). His work focuses on language innovation in the arts and cultural sphere. He has and continues to proactively play a role to promote innovation and multiculturalism in the policy design and development field both in South Africa and internationally. He’s published prominently and widely in newspapers and industry journals. 

Prior to serving as Committee Member responsible for Policy Review for the Limpopo Development Plan 2020-2025 in Limpopo Office of The Premier among others, Marishane was the Ambassador (National Development Plan 2030) in The Presidency. He’s also part of various community initiatives focusing on the Sustainable Development Goal 17 for meaningful impact.  

Marishane has an arms length of national and international awards in his name. He’s a policy and law enthusiast by training from University of Cape Town and University of Pretoria.